jb-campers01JournalBooks, a leading provider of promotional journals, gave back to the community by sending local children to camp as well as donating journals to the Circle Camps programs and the local YMCA.

For the past several years JournalBooks has raised funds for campers and donated journals to the Circle Camps. The Circle Camps are a week-long overnight camp program for girls between the ages of nine and sixteen, who have experienced the death of a parent. Their program is a place for children to find healing and understanding along with others going through similar experiences.

“The beautiful journals JournalBooks donates to our campers year after year become instant treasures, whether the girls write or draw in them, or simply put them under their pillows. All of the campers at Circle Camps have experienced the death of a parent or sibling; a journal becomes something different in the hands of a grieving girl. To young girls who are often isolated by their losses, any means of expression becomes invaluable as they work through their grief. The campers at Circle of Tapawingo in Maine, CircleWest in California and Circle of EKC in West Virginia thank you for your many years of generosity.”

Sandi Welch, Founder & President of Circle Camps

In addition to donating to the Circle Camps, part of the JournalBooks team visited the local YMCA camp, a strong literacy development branch, and distributed journals to both the children and senior citizen campers.

For more information on JournalBooks visit www.journalbooks.com.

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