It is with great sadness that we learnt today the sudden passing away of our long time colleague and very good friend Rick Umans.
Rick joined Polyconcept in September 1992 to create its US retail division which has been very successful under his leadership. He then became in 2005 Managing Director of our specialist Division for P.O.S. material called ADM Interactive where he built another success story for our group.

All those who met Rick during those years have been impressed by his kindness, enthusiasm, sense of humor and loyalty. His passion for his work and the people around him made him a unanimously appreciated person.

We wish to express our sincere condolences to Rick’s family and we know how close he was to them as a husband, a father and recently a grand-father.

Polyconcept looses today a very valuable manager but more importantly a unique person and a friend who will be badly missed by all of us.

-Philippe Varnier
November 18, 2011

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